Our History

Preston Apple & Berry Farm is the culminaton of years of hard work and perserverance by Joe and Carol Gosi.

Born in Hungary, Joe fled his homeland in 1956, after the revolution, to begin a new life in the United States. The first few years he worked at a variety of jobs, intermittently working at an orchard near the Twin Cities. He knew, even in Hungary, that he enjoyed growing fruits and so in 1964, he began his career in earnest at an orchard. For 21 years he was manager of that orchard, until, in 1985 he left to begin his own orchard and vegetable business on 15 acres along Highway 52 in Preston, MN.

Now he and his wife have 1000 apple trees on 5 acres, 1/4 acre of raspberries and a large garden patch.

Along with fresh fruits and vegetables, their small store has jams & jellies, honey, sorghum, cheese, frozen apple pies, and Watkins products. In early spring they have bedding plants, hanging flowering baskets, potted plants, and seeds in their greenhouse attached to the store. Then in the fall and holiday season, they havve Christmas trees and poinsettias in the greenhouse. Inside the store, you can buy fresh fruit baskets or fruit boxes.

There are always an abundance of apples from August through December with many, many varieties for any taste or dish.

Stop in for a taste of freshness! Bus Tours and Visitors are welcome!

Thank you for visiting Preston Apple & Berry Farm If you're interested in visiting, be sure and check out our time table so you can determine what timeframe would work best for you! You can find the time table here: Best times to visit.

Types of Apples

  • Quinte - Late July-Aug

  • Whitney Crab - Aug
  • Sunrise - Aug

  • State Fair - Aug-Sept
  • Duchess - Aug-Sept
  • Zestar - Aug-Sept

  • Chestnut Crab - Sept-Oct
  • Gala - Sept-Oct

  • Wealthy - Sept-Nov

  • Sweet Sixteen - Sept-Oct
  • McIntosh - Sept-Dec
  • Cortland - Sept-Dec
  • JonaGold - Sept-Dec

  • HoneyGold - Oct-Feb

  • Honeycrisp - Oct-March
  • Haralson - Oct-March
  • Delicious - Oct-March
  • Ida Red - Oct-March
  • Empire - Oct-March
  • Golden Delicious - Oct-March

  • Regent - Oct-April
  • Fireside - Oct-April
  • Connell Red - Oct-April

  • Cameo - Oct-May
  • Keepsake - Oct-May

Types of
Vegetables & Berries

  • Green Beans - Summer
  • Corn - Summer
  • Melons - Summer
  • Tomatoes - Summer

  • Pumpkins - Fall
  • Gourds - Fall
  • Squash - Fall
  • Peppers - Fall

  • Strawberries - June/July
  • Raspberries - Late Aug-Sept
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